45.SURAH AL-JATHIYA (“Kneeling”) by Shaikh Maher Al Muaiqly


Sūrat al-Jāthiyah (Arabic: سورة الجاثية‎, “Crouching”) is the 45th sura (chapter) of the Qur’an with 37 ayat (verses). It is a Meccan chapter, revealed according to the Islamic tradition during the Meccan phase of Muhammad’s prophethood. This is one of the seven chapters in the Qur’an that start with the Muqattaʿat Hāʼ Mīm. It contains discussions of “signs of God” for humankind to reflect on and describes punishments for those who deny God despite the signs. It also contains the only Quranic verse mentioning sharia, a term which Muslims later use to refer to the Islamic law.